*** News and update on my campaign ***
Thank you for your support!

When I first announced my candidacy for city council, I was overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of support I received from my community. So many of you made the effort to donate, volunteer, and spread the word about my campaign. The best part of the campaign trail was seeing old friends and making new ones, and hearing about your concerns, challenges, and experiences living in our city.  Your perspectives provided me with a better sense of what matters to our community members and what City Hall officials can do better to serve us. 

Unfortunately, our campaign was cut short by the redistricting process. I am very fortunate that as a Chief Deputy City Attorney, I get to work hard for San Diegans every day to reduce gun violence, protect our elders from unsafe living conditions, and help  our unhoused citizens leave the streets and enter into supportive environments with mental health services. 

Thank you all so much. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your support. I want to especially thank my husband, Josh, and our daughter, Audrey, who cheered me on as I spent many days and evenings away on the campaign trail. 

Most importantly, I am happy to say that this is not the end. I remain committed to the values I campaigned for: safer schools and neighborhoods, increased mental health services, and putting San Diegans above outside interests. I am excited for what the future holds, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Stay tuned!

Nicole is leading change

Thank you for your Support!

Meet Nicole

Nicole was born in California and raised by a hospital clerk and a cable guy. She got her first job at 15 stocking shelves and waited tables to put herself through UC Davis. She worked as a congressional intern and earned her law degree from Golden Gate University. Nicole took a job as an Assistant District Attorney under then-San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, where she focused on protecting the most vulnerable victims of domestic violence, specializing in crimes committed against non-English speakers. As the great-granddaughter of immigrants, she understands how bewildering and difficult the court process can seem to someone without the privilege of being a native English speaker. Nicole and her husband Josh are homeowners in Clairemont Mesa West, where they are raising their rambunctious four year old daughter.

Getting Results for San Diegans as Chief Deputy San Diego City Attorney

Nicole joined the San Diego City Attorney’s office as a prosecutor in 2014, where she continued her work fighting domestic abusers and sexual predators. Nicole has earned a reputation as one of California’s strongest and most innovative advocates to criminal justice alternatives. She became the first woman to build and lead the office’s Gun Violence Restraining Order Program, which is now the State model. This program keeps firearms out of the hands of dangerous criminals, domestic abusers, and those who are a danger to themselves or others. She has focused on developing civil solutions against unlicensed institutions taking advantage of seniors and dependent adults. She has worked to ensure homeless individuals suffering from mental illness and addiction have the shelter and protection they deserve. Nicole served on the San Diego Unified School District Multi-Agency Task Force, where she worked to protect children from sexual harassment and abuse.

Nicole’s Plan to Lead and Get Results for District 6 Neighborhoods

1. Rein in out-of-control cost of living and get developers to help lead the fight against skyrocketing rents and home prices. Fight for responsible budgets that meet the needs of our community.

2. Reduce traffic and make roads safer  with roundabouts and protected walk and bikeways to cut the incidence of speed-related deaths and injuries.

3. Protect families and kids from gun violence and abuse through leadership and legislation, and reimagine public safety budgets, personnel, and mission toward achieving greater equity and better results in our criminal justice system.

4. Ensure that our homeless neighbors have access to public health services and appropriate supportive housing.

5. Ensure tenants and local businesses have a government plan they can rely on that keeps families in their homes and small businesses in their storefronts while still recovering from the global pandemic.

Council District 6: Ready to Elect a Democratic Woman

The District, which currently includes parts of San Diego’s North Central neighborhoods, has been Republican-held for years. Although City Council seats are technically non-partisan, key votes often come down along party lines. At a time when housing, public safety, and affordability issues are front of mind, voters want a Councilmember who is concerned with their  interests. In 2022, there will be no Democrat incumbent on the ballot in District 6 with a strong record of community accomplishments, a real plan to deliver results that reflect our values, and a diverse personal background with broad-base appeal like Nicole.

Leading Change

As a mother, community volunteer, and Chief Deputy San Diego City Attorney, Nicole has achieved a long list of accomplishments that has made our families, neighborhoods and businesses safer and more secure. Together, with her 2022 strategic team, Nicole will continue to grow her name and communicate her innovative ideas to lead developers and special interests in delivering results for all corners of District 6. Her agenda speaks to real issues that real people, regardless of party, care about – like quieter, calmer neighborhood streets for families to bike and walk, safer parks for our kids, and the ability of every San Diegan to afford to live and work in the community they call home.

Support Nicole in
Leading Change

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